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Detailing Services & Pricing

'We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.'
cell_pics_before_n_afters_n_mtb_n_me_2009_079.jpgMachine polishing, slow-speed dual-action polisher or high-speed orbital buffer. We can dazzle your senses with years of experience, pride in every detail and a passion for cars and bikes.

cell_pics_before_n_afters_n_mtb_n_me_2009_243.jpg Extensive Detailing and Monthly/ Weekly Maintenance, from quality basic maintenance to nothing left untouched. Too far is a relative term that only depends on how perfect you want your car.


1) THE DETAILED WASH(for groups of 3 or more cars)        $30 & up

  • Hand wash
  • Clean wheels
  • Blow out crevices n hand dry
  • Clean door jams
  • Moderate vacuum w/ crevice brushes
  • doors and kick panels spot cleaned
  • Cup holders & center console cleaned
  • Burled wood/shiny trim polished
  • Windows polished in and out
  • Tires carefully dressed


2) THE SPECIALTY WASH      $45-75

  • All of the above, done until your car has a detailed look. Sort of a mini-detail-wash. You get a lot more vacuuming, wiping and attention to detail.

  • Great for the active type that use their car/SUV for every sport and family event.
  • A necessity for the dog lover's car! Dog hair always takes a lot of extra time and effort, but they're worth it!
  • Fantastic for mommy's SUV that gets heavily used by the little ones.
  • The perfect service after a road trip! =major baked-on bugs, tar and dirt outside, and the remains of snacks and drinks throughout your interior.
  • Great choice for the exotic car owner who wants special care and time taken on their baby/investment.
  • Same price range for those who want inner rim cleaning with a DETAILED wash.


2nd Look Wax Services:


3) THE EXPRESS WAX                $50-65

  • Hand wash
  • Quick hand spray wax 
  • Polish exterior windows
  • Tire dressing

Want a little vacuuming? Add $5-10


4) THE SERIOUS WAX          $75-95

  • Great hand wash
  • D.A. machine applied Mothers synthetic wax
  • Light vacuum
  • Polish windows
  • Tire dressing
  • exhausted tips cleaned n polished


2nd Look Interior & Mini Detail Services:

*All detailing prices depend on size of vehicle and level of soil.



  • Extreme vacuum with crevice brush
  • Shampoo mats, floors & fabric seats
  • Clean & condition leather seats/console
  • Clean doors, dash & center console and all crevices
  • Polish burled wood & shiny trim 
  • clean headliner as needed                                                                                                          
  • **some leather seats may need an extra step/ pre-cleaning scrub(panel by panel) with brush & cleaner before normal cleaning and conditioning balm.

     We will blow your mind!



  • Hand wash
  • DA machine applied Mothers Syn Wax
  • Moderate vacuum
  • Spot clean fabric seats/ clean & condition leather seats
  • Shampoo floor mats(as needed)
  • Clean cup holder & center console
  • Polish burled wood & shiny trim
  • Polish windows in & out
  • Dress tires

    Get the 'detailed look' for less!


2nd Look Full Detailing Services:


7) RENEW IT! FULL DETAIL   $175-245*

Includes our mind-blowing REFRESH IT! PRO INTERIOR DETAIL plus:

  • Thorough hand wash with exterior crevice cleaning
  • H2O blown from exterior crevices
  • Door jams cleaned
  • Sap & tar removal
  • DA machine applied Mother's Synthetic Wax on all painted surfaces
  • Rims detailed(cleaned & creviced)
  • Wheel well trim detailed
  • Exhaust tips cleaned & polished/restored
  • Windows polished in and out
  • Tires dressed



  • Thorough hand wash and crevice cleaning
  • Professional claybar treatment for your paint
  • Hand wash again to remove excess contaminants and lubricant
  • H2O blown from crevices & rims/ dry all surfaces
  • D.A. machine: mellow silky reconditioning & polishing product
  • D.A. machine: Mothers Synthetic Wax
  • All windows cleaned
  • Tires dressed

Touch it, see the shine, know what its worth!

Guaranteed to spoil you forever.


9) EXPRESS TOUCH CLAYBAR Quickie   $95*+up

  • Thorough hand wash
  • Quick/light claybar treatment
  • Hand wash again
  • H2O blown out of crevices/ dry all surfaces
  • D.A. machine applied wax
  • Light vacuum
  • Outside windows cleaned
  • Tires dressed

Great budget clay job or quick maintenance clay



This incredible detail is a special combination of our famous:

  • And a full wheel well detail or inner rim detail
  • Takes approx. 4-6 hours

Get that show car look and feel!

Restore that neglected car and reveal the gem you once loved! 

Prepare an older car for sale and increase your profit by far! 


11) MOTO HEAVEN Motorcycle Detail    $150-225

  • Thorough hand wash
  • Detail wheels/crevices
  • Chamois dried
  • H2O blown out of crevices & dried again
  • Hand wax painted surfaces(Removed with micro fiber towels)
  • Hand polish chrome and aluminum throughout(corrosion/grime removed)
  • clean & condition leather(no greasy feel)
  • windshield & mirrors polished with micro fiber towels and water
  • takes 3-5 hours
  • We do Harleys, Goldwings, Custom choppers and classics. You name it!

We ride, so we appreciate your ride!


2nd Look Additional Services Menu:

a) Engine detail

b) Headlight restoration

c) Paint transfer removal & scratch repair

d) New road/asphalt removal/repair

e) Over-spray removal

f) Wheel polishing

g) Water spot removal/repair

h) Interior deodorizer

i) Paint touch up



2nd Look Image Maintenanace Plan:

12) Your IMP includes a high quality wash for the first 3 weeks and then a Mini-Detail on the 4th week of every contract month, as needed. 

$195-245(depending on size, etc.) We keep your vehicle tip-top with a weekly visit. And for your added convenience we offer monthly, semi-annual or annual payment. And annual prepay comes with a 10% discount! That adds up to hundreds in savings.



*Some vehicles may be more based on these factors:

  • Excessive animal hair or sand
  • Heavy/extensive cigarette ash
  • Extremely soiled fabrics/very old stains
  • Big bling(big chrome/super spoke rims)
  • Custom roof racks and front bumper bars
  • heavy rust/weathering or dull oxidized aluminum parts on bikes
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