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We're worth it!

Here at the top of our testimonials page, we would like to thank our clients for sharing their success with us. Without your business and generosity, our business and success wouldn't exist.

Thank you!  -Sean and the guys, 2nd Look Detailing

'As a RAVING FAN, I appreciate the years of incredible detailing service! Since I am somewhat of a perfectionist and the type of person that does not like to compromise, especially when it comes to the detailing and weekly maintenance of my toys, 2nd Look Detailing has truly EARNED my loyal business. At Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios we believe in being the best and most extreme example of its kind, so THANK YOU Sean and Miguel for keeping our cars looking the best and most extreme examples of their kind!'

-Master Kris Eszlinger
Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios
The Ultimate in Personalized Martial Arts Instruction


'I would recommend using 2nd Look Detailing for all your car cosmetic needs. Sean and his staff are very detail oriented and simply put, are in an elite class in their profession. Every time 2nd Look Detailing works their magic I get that feeling I had when I first purchased my car.

Thank you and keep up the great work!!!'

Yours in health,

Dr. Randy Ramirez D.C., A.R.T.
Wellness Physician
Optimized Living Wellness Center
(714) 898-9040



'Listen, best car detail job I've ever had, hands down!'

(Serious Wax and Engine Detail/ 2011 Black Taurus SHO w/Hennessy upgrades)


'Judy loves it. It actually looks lighter in color. Incredible job.'

(TOUCH IT! Satin-Glass Ext. Detail and Engine Detail/ 2008 Cream Ford EDGE)


Dan and Judy Peffley, Garden Grove, Ca.



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